Garcia Yachts 86 luxury sailing yacht in Greece Meliti is best yacht option for summer vacation

Yoga and Well-Being



The greek sun and sea give meaning to the word magic. Just imagine yourself practicing yoga in the beach of a greek island. Take your sense of wellbeing to new heights with the help of yoga.In addition to yoga, enjoy the ultimate pampering in one of our yachts, admire the warm sunshine, relax in picturesque beaches, and taste the delicious Greek food. Place your body and mind in perfect equilibrium when the idyllic conditions on a yacht enhance these benefits. Live the ultimate yachting experience by combining travelling in Greece and becoming one with nature through yoga.There’s nothing better than relaxing your body and mind and to go home rejuvenated. If you want your cruise to be all about good health, then workshops on yoga, tai chi, stretching, meditation and healthy diet can be arranged by our qualified staff.


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