Garcia Yachts 86 luxury sailing yacht in Greece Meliti is best yacht option for summer vacation



What is beautiful about Greece is that the modern meets the ancient.To visit Greece is to join an (at least) 5,000-year-old story. The boundaries between myth and history become blurred in this land.

Greece means civilisation. Ancient Greeks invited Democracy, Philosophy, Arts, Maths,Olympic Games, ect. Walk into the same path that ancient Greeks walked, sit in the same theatre where ancient Greeks sit and watch a drama just like they did and then you will be able to understand the importance of the archeological sites. Greece means History, Archaeology , Architecture and Traditions. All places blessed by nature invite you to experience their energy in temples, stadiums, theatres – adorned with statues and monumental art.

Condoyannis Yachts offers carefully planned archaeological tours throughout Greece.

“Listen to the sound of the wind blowing to the columns. That is the same wind that man-kind has listen to for centuries. Is the sound of nature meeting human imagination. And that’s history”. These were the words that Nia Vardalos used to describe Pathenon in the movie “My life in Ruins”.


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