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In Greece you can enjoy every type of vacation. Her crystal water, the sunlight and the beauty of the greek islands can make everyone fall in love with Greece.

But there are people who search the adrenaline, the adventure and the challenge. If you want to challenge yourself then Greece is the perfect place for you.

The first thing you should do is to explore the greek seas beneath the waves.From Kalymnos to Skiathos, Zakynthos and Corfu, you will be able to explore ship wrecks, underwater caves, reefs ect. You can learn more about Scuba Diving in Greece here.

Then, you can go windsurfing and kite-surfing. Rhodes, Lesvos, Kos and Mykonos are a great option for those who want to rule the waves. But if you prefer water skiing and wake boarding, then Paros, Lefkas, Santorini and Mykonos are for you. Mykonos (is also called the “Island of the Winds”) is preferred by those who love parties, noise and water sports.

If competition runs in your blood, then you should take part in racing events such as the Aegean Regatta or the International Cyclades Regatta. For those who are interested in events and who want to give an extra meaning in their vacation, we have created the category “Events” where you will be able to learn about festivals, racing events or local themed parties.

In case you prefer the mountain sports, then your options are endless. On Kalymnos you’ll find one of the worlds best rock-climbing sites while in Crete there is the longest gorge in Europe, Samaria.

Finally, feel free by jumping out of an airplane in the extreme sport of skydiving. Just don’t forget to take your action camera with you.

But sports are not only about adrenaline but about health too. Wellness lifestyle cruises, featuring workshops on yoga, tai chi, stretching, meditation and healthy diet can be arranged by our qualified staff.

Either if you are a fan of trekking or windsurfing, the experienced Condoyannis Yachts team can organise the perfect vacation. Just for you!

Scuba diving

For those who love to explore the sea, Greece is an ideal destination. Scuba diving lovers will live a unique experience, exploring the Greek seas with the help of Condoyannis Yachts

Greece offers rich biodiversity, important cultural elements (don’t forget the Antikythera mechanism, the Ancient Greek analogue computer that was found 1900 by a group of Greek sponge divers), interesting geological structures, undersea caves, like the blue cave in Kastelorizo and shipwrecks.

You can enjoy your vacations in Cyclades and in the same time you can explore shipwreck like the Patris (means homeland in greek) Shipwreck in Kea island. This shipwreck is impressive, even for experienced divers.One part of the boat sits in shallow water (18 meters) and is easily accessible. Its other part, sitting deeper, at 35 meters, demands greater diving experience. While exploring the boat, also explore the marine life above the reef.

If you love challenges, you can choose to go to Kalymnos island where is lied 100 meters away from the inhabited rocky islet of Epano, the vessel Panormitis. In the 60’s this vessel was able to cope under demanding conditions.Now, she is an artificial reef. This is a difficult dive that is suggested only in experienced divers.

Just take your action camera with you, so that you can capture Greece like few people can and leave the rest to us!

Don’t forget to check out our itineraries and destinations so that you can learn more about the greek islands and their underwater treasures.


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